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A beautiful, fast, privacy-conscious client for the Google Talk™ instant messaging service

Created by Luis Héctor Chávez & Juliana Peña


Tiles & Notifications

Privacy & Security

Free & Open Source

What some have said...

Even if you're on Windows Phone, Google Talk is still one of the bestest IM services to use. Gchat for Windows Phone is a really great app that combines the beauty of Winpho with the utility of Google.

- Gizmodo

Works beautifully. Great integration with mango multi tasking. I've been waiting for this for a long time!! Great design, stays connected, fluid and fast. Open source too! You guys are awesome. Finally a good Gchat for Mango and WP7!!

- PiggyButterfly0

Awesome! I've been waiting for a gchat app, and not only does this one work, it's pretty, has all notifications, pins contacts, and is quick.

- TeenyTuxTux

Love it, first app that uses Mango to full potential. Live tiles rock.

- Petenchris84

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